Other Services

Our proficient legal experts are having years of experience not only in tying the marital knots between the two lovers, but we handle every sort of legal matter. We offer legal services on various court matters whether its civil, criminal, family, or any other. We have collaborated the most efficient team of lawyers and advocates in Chandigarh who are astute at representing all legal matters sagaciously in the courts or tribunals. So to avail the most impeccable legal services in Chandigarh, here are the legal arenas you can contact us for.

Criminal cases

Criminal cases such as appearance, bringing defendant to court, witnessing summary trials and or any matter relating to confession, penalty, Trial is assisted by us. Criminal cases might get tricky and it needs proper and thorough assistance and our distinguished criminal lawyers in Chandigarh are committed to bring relief to the parties in trial.

Divorce case

Now a days marriages are different, partners are no longer bound by the society to stay together forever. It is better these days to stay apart and work on self rather than sticking with each other even if everything is not right. We have practitioners in matrimonial laws looking up for divorce matters. So you can reach the most seasoned divorce lawyers in Chandigarh with us.


Arbitration is an alternative to litigation, in this rather than going to courts people can reach to arbitration courts and get dispute solved out of courts. But arbitration can only be chosen if the parties in agreement have mentioned an arbitration clause and have mutually agreed on it. Arbitration is the process in which two parties on matter of dispute are brought together to get their dispute solved with mutual discussion rather than fighting with hefty files. Our lawyers are well prepared to arbitrate matters. Our arbitration lawyers in Chandigarh have experience in arbitrating cases and avoid time consuming trials.

Intellectual Property Rights

If there is some legal issue related to IPR matters, our team of doyen intellectual property lawyers in Chandigarh can guide you for that matter. Intellectual property cases such as copyright, trademark, domain, every service relating to it starting from registration, change of ownership, sale of intellectual property, complaints against misuse of the property, assistance in trials for intellectual property are guided by our legal support.

Corporate Law

Corporate sector is growing at large with more and more industrialization. India is becoming power hub of business sector these days. With new companies emerging in Tricity, the corporate matters are also increasing. Our illustrious corporate lawyers in Chandigarh can assist you in corporate matters such as company registration, DIN numbers, Company contracts, company disputes, Memorandums of companies all types of matters in relation to corporate sector are handled by our experts working in field of corporate law.

Constitutional Law

Many times our rights given by the constitution are questioned. The constitution gives equal rights to all citizens of India such as right to life, right to information, right to equality. A complaint can be filed in court in protection of the harmed rights or continuance of the act which was stopped in violation the right. Matters in relation to reservation can also be heard in the court. Also there are writs mentioned in the Constitution of India which can be filed in accordance of the legal remedy. Our team of quick witted and cognizant constitutional and writ lawyers in Chandigarh is highly qualified to provide assistance in matters involving constitutional rights and remedies.

Banking Matters

Banking cases such as Cheque frauds, loan frauds, legal assistance in getting loans, legal certificates of lands, account frauds, false identification cases, forgery cases or any other matter relating to banking requiring legal assistance is guided by us. We have team working on detailed banking cases and helping the parties get compensations and defending them from liabilities. So connect to our astute and veteran banking lawyers in Chandigarh for resolving your matters easily.

Land Property Matters

Are you distressed due to any kind of land property matter? In that case, you can take the help of best land property lawyers in Chandigarh. Land matters including Land registration, Transfer of land, making of wills, partition of land, claiming possession of land, and challenging the will etc. requires legal support our team practicing in land matters can be contacted for helping in matters and cases relating to land.

Industrial Projects

Our team of practicing lawyers in High courts and supreme courts are equipped with skills to handle cases of any magnitude, while also having knowledge and expertise in various sectors. Industrial management is vast and it require tons of legal work including Industrial documentation, Environmental compliance, Engineering and other contracts, Public-private partnership, Contracts management, Arbitration and litigation, licensing, portfolio management etc. services can be taken by our associates. So you can consult our team of accomplished lawyers for industrial projects in Chandigarh too.

Immigration Law

Immigration law is the law which deals with various requirements needed to be fulfilled for migrants moving from one nation to other. We have the best lawyers in Chandigarh to help in visa and application process. We also provide assistance for appeals to rejected cases. We have skilful and experienced immigration lawyers in Chandigarh.

Advertising and media laws

Mass media is on boom these days. Whether it’s advertising, online marketing, social media, and social networking websites, there is a ton of media produced everyday online. Media is not only limited to TV ad commercial and movies, there is a lot of personal content produced by the people which opens the world to problems like violation of privacy, Net neutrality, fake advertisement, regulatory standards etc.

As these bugs are new to the world and the act dealing with it is also new, which is information and technology act, 2000 these issues needs legal assistance from advocates who can understand the modern media and modern culture. Our erudite advertising and media lawyers in Chandigarh are having thorough knowledge in the field.

Civil cases

We are prepared for our clients need in civil litigation by prioritizing their comfort and privacy. Our civil lawyers in Chandigarh have been practicing in civil cases from lower to higher courts in all kind of matters, from dishonored cheques to accidental claims, from contract violation to summary cases all kind of matters are handled by our civil litigation team.

Taxation law

Tax management is essential for growth of finances, tax management might get tricky with different prevailing tax laws and conditions in India. Taxation requires regular attendance and also needs an intelligent associate to handle it, and we have taxation lawyers in Chandigarh to assist you in managing all type of taxes whether individual or commercial.

Other Laws

We have a team of lawyers working in different law fields including all civil, commercial and criminal matters. One most prevalent crime nowadays is cyber crime. Our team of cyber crime lawyers in Chandigarh is diligently working to safeguard the youth from the hazards of technology and internet. Whether it is a petty case or it is a big trial our team can be trusted to get the desired relief.