Marriage Registration in Chandigarh

Marriage registration is the recording of marriage by the registrar. Marriage registration is different from the marriage which is performed according to religious rituals. It is necessary to get the marriage registered after it is been solemnized as registration of marriage provides many key benefits. Fortunately, the digitization has made things much easier and which provides you with the benefit of marriage registration online application.

Marriage Registration in Chandigarh

Marriage is registered under different statutes such as the Hindu marriage act, Muslim marriage act and special marriage act. In case someone is seeking right and complete legal help for the marriage registration in Chandigarh, the following are the prerequisites. The acclaimed and expert court marriage lawyers in Chandigarh at Chandigarh Court Marriage take care of every pre-requisites prudently with transparent dealings and trouble-free services.

Is Marriage Registration Compulsory in India?

The sanctity of marriage is above all. Especially in India, it comes with strong beliefs and sentiments of natives. But it is not only the marriage ceremonies that proves you a husband or wife, registering that marriage under the legal framework is also mandatory. 

The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has introduced the compulsory Registration of Marriage Act, 2005 to ensure the legislation of marriage. Therefore it has become mandatory to register a marriage. And that will act as a helping paper in future instances to endeavour the rights of the spouses in a marriage. So whether it is a love marriage/court marriage registration in Chandigarh without parents consent or is culturally solemnized marriage, legal registration of marriage is mandatory.

Requirements for Marriage Registration in Chandigarh

A little knowledge is always a dangerous thing. So be prepared with all the documents and eligibility requirements of court marriage registration in India.  The legal framework comes with proper setup of guidelines demarcating every legal process properly.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Court Marriage Registration in Chandigarh?

Marriage registration assists in shunning a number of bad practices like child marriage, forced marriage, fraudulent marriage, polygamy, etc. So this is a paramount and compulsory as well. This entitles the spouses with specific rights and duties which they are supposed to perform. Without proper registration of marriage, one of the spouses can deny performing the obligations at any time. So marriage registration is a must.

There are some specific criteria list which the two parties who are intending to get married must cater to. Here are some major eligibility criteria for marriage registration in India.

  • When it is the case of registration of marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act, both the spouses need to be Hindu by origin.
  • Marriage registration under the Special Marriage Act, 1954 will not solemnize the marriage with common Hindu rituals. And in that scenario, either of the parties needs to be Indian.
  • When it is court marriage between Indian resident and foreigner, the marriage will be registered under the Special Marriage Act, one of the spouses needs to be Indian.
  • The bridegroom must have attained the age of 21 years and bride of 18 years.
  • Marriage can be registered either in the district of residence of bride or the bridegroom.
  • Both the parties need to be of sound mind.
  • Consent of both parties is mandatory.
  • None of the parties must be in a valid marriage already.
  • Degree of the prohibited relationship must be kept into consideration.

What are the Documents Required for Registration of Marriage in Chandigarh?

After complying all the eligibility requirements, now it’s time to be ready with all the documents. For this legal paperwork, certain documents are required. To register a marriage one requires the following documents:-

  • Name and Age proof documents i.e., a medical certificate with DOB, PAN card, Aadhar card, birth certificate (of bride and bridegroom).
  • Address proof documents i.e., ration card, voter ID, passport, or bill payments.
  • Two passport size photograph of both partners.
  • Amicably signed the application by both the parties.
  • If any party is divorcee then copy of the divorce decree stating the single status.
  • Death certificate in case of remarriage of widow or widower.
  • For a Foreign national it is required that the foreign national must submit a document stating its marital status.

What are the Underlying Conditions to Solemnize a Marriage in India?

  1. Valid marriageable age i.e., 21 for male and 18 for female.
  2. Consent of both the parties i.e., husband and wife.
  3. There should be no-pre-existing marriage.
  4. Both the parties must not fall under the prohibited degree of relationship.

What is the Procedure to Register a Court Marriage in Chandigarh?

The procedure for court marriage registration in India can either be solemnized under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or Special Marriage Act, 1954.

How to Register a Marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

  • The bride should have attained the age of 18 years and for the bridegroom, the marriageable age is 21.
  • Marriage is to be solemnized under Hindu customs
  • When both bride and bridegroom belong to the religion Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, or Buddhists.
  • Marriage can be registered in the place of residence of the bride, bridegroom, or marriage solemnization place.

How to Register a Marriage under the Special Marriage Act, 1954

  • Parties belonging to religions other than Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and Buddhists, and other nationalities can register the marriage under the Special Marriage Act.
  • NRI marriages are also solemnized under this act.
  • When both the parties belong to different religions, marriage is solemnized under the Special Marriage Act.
  • When one of the spouses is from Indian nationality and the other one is foreign national, the act is applicable.
  • In the case of the marriage registration of divorcees, it is applicable.
  • One of the spouses should belong to Indian nationality.
  • The marriageable age for the bride is 18 and for the bridegroom, it is 21.
  • The tehsil or solemnization place must either be the residence of the bride or the bridegroom.
  • When a marriage is being solemnized under the Special Marriage Act, 30-day notice is to be given in advance to the sub-registrar.

Steps Involved in a Court Marriage Registration Process

  • Notice of the intended marriage
  • Publication of the notice
  • Objection to marriage
  • Declaration by parties and witnesses
  • Place and form of solemnization
  • Certificate of marriage

How to Get a Marriage Certificate in India?

How can I apply for a marriage certificate in India? Obtaining a marriage certificate is a less complex and less time-consuming process as compared to other judiciary matters. And fortunately if one is able to get the assistance of an expert court marriage lawyer, the marriage registration procedure will become easier.

In order to legitimize the marital bond between the two parties i.e., husband and wife, the marriage certificate is the legal proof. Besides that in 2006, the Supreme Court has also mandated the marriage registration process. In addition to having evidentiary value, there are various benefits of a marriage certificate too.

In order to get a marriage certificate in Punjab or Haryana, our team do the best efforts. A marriage certificate is a document provided by the registrar’s office after the marriage is successfully registered, Marriage certificate contains the name of both partners and it is then signed and sealed with a stamp by the registrar’s office.

Evidentiary Value of Marriage Certificate.

Registered marriage is solid evidence. A marriage certificate is required for certain banking acts, Visa applications, immigration purpose. A marriage certificate serves as evidence that two partners are married in any legal act. A marriage certificate is also required for filing a decree for divorce or dissolution of marriage. You can also go for a marriage certificate online registration if required.

What are the Advantages of Obtaining Marriage Certificate?

The marriage certificate is a proof document which shows the legal status of a marriage. It ensures the entitlement of specific rights and responsibilities in that relation. Here are some of the benefits you will encounter if you are having a marriage certificate.

  • Evidence of couple being lawfully wedded.
  • Entitlement of rights of women in the property of the husband.
  • Insurance and financial deposit scheme benefits.
  • Passport and visa approvals.
  • Proof for the divorce petition.

How to Get a Marriage Certificate in Chandigarh Online?

In this modern era of digitization, everything is available online. For public convenience and ease, the government has taken many steps towards making Indian jurisprudence more accessible online. So if one is confused regarding is it possible to obtain marriage certificate online, or how can I apply for a marriage certificate online if possible. Application for marriage certificate can be made online, but to receive it, the parties have to be present in the registrar office. There is a particular procedure followed to apply for a marriage certificate online.

Who can apply for the Marriage Certificate?

The application for marriage certificate representing consent of both the parties through a duly signed document is necessary to complete the process.

Customary Marriage/Court Marriage

For registration of marriage does not require to have followed a certain path for its solemnization. Although it is required that, the marriage was done according to the provisions allowed and marked valid by the marriage act statutes. Proof of performance of marriage is required to be submitted while applying for a marriage certificate.

How to Get Tatkal Marriage Certificate in Chandigarh?

Can court marriage be done in one day? The couples who are willing to reduce the time consumption, Tatkal marriage is the option they can opt for. It was introduced in April 2014 by the revenue department of Delhi government. This Tatkal service is introduced with the idea of a single day marriage authorization.

A tatkal marriage certificate is a marriage certificate which can be applied and obtained earlier than the normal marriage certificate. By applying Tatkal marriage certificate one can obtain a marriage registration certificate in as soon as at least 24 hours and maximum it will take 1-3 working days. The applicant has to pay Rs 10,000 fees to obtain Tatkal marriage certificate.

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Our team is highly skilful in handling the civil matters including the matters relating to registration of marriage and court marriages. Our team of professionals can be contacted for registration of marriage in Chandigarh whether it is simple registration or it is Tatkal registration.

With higher integrity towards work and worthy experience in the field, our team has helped plenty of lovers to become a lawfully wedded couple. Guidance and assistance are necessary at every step. Our team acknowledges both the parties with the pros and cons, their rights, legal obligations, police protection rights, government schemes for the inter-caste marriage, etc. Therefore has been serving as the credible and trusted lawyers for court marriage/love marriage registration in Chandigarh.